Nicole Francis

Michael Francis

Our Story

Over the last decade, we’ve gone from students to entry level positions in finance and education, followed closely by parenthood and new homeowners, and ending up today as corporate executives, content creators, and business owners.

Michael received his bachelors in Statistics in 2015 while I received my Elementary Education degree in 2017. While I was going to school, Michael and I built a builder-grade home and my love for do-it-yourself projects, decorating, and design emerged. During that time, I taught for two years as a fourth-grade teacher at a local elementary school before leaving to start my next adventure as a stay at home mother.

In 2019, not long after bringing Little Miss home from the hospital, Michael and I quickly realized that our house was bursting at the seams. Having Hazel, Lucy, and lots of baby paraphernalia made our small house feel even smaller. We started looking for our next “Home Sweet Home” and we quickly realized that what we wanted we wouldn’t be able to get in our area. So since we knew we could tackle DIY projects in our last builder-grade home, we decided to do it again, just on a much BIGGER scale, and with that 1776 Faux Farmhouse started!

Since 2020, when we finally moved into our next builder-grade home, we have tackled project after project. We’ve worked with numerous brands, generating 100’s of thousands in revenue for their companies, grown our audience 157% year to date, and continue to have fun with each and every project!

Career Highlights


Business Owner & Content Creator

  • Business owner and founder of 1776 Faux Farmhouse; responsible for content creation, project planning, and all interior designs
  • Single-handedly built an audience of over 140k on TikTok & 110k on Instagram
  • On Instagram: Generated over 36M impressions and reached 22M accounts; Since Reels began in October 2020 has generated over 20.3M Reels views
  • On TikTok: Generated over 12M views and 476k engagements
  • Had successful collaborations with over 50 different companies generating significant sales revenue for each
  • Successfully achieved profitability in year 1; grown revenue and profitability by 7x in 2022
  • Background in elementary eduction; prior 4th grade elementary school teacher that loves helping others achieve their full potential


VP of Data Science & Analytics

  • Responsible for data science, analytics, and business intelligence for a billion dollar portfolio of auto loans
  • Guided department of data scientists in the deployment of our 4th generation machine learning credit scoring model which also includes our 1st AI-powered pricing model; 100% increase in approval rate; $6M in projected loss savings
  • Marshaled a team of data scientists to develop and release our own challenger AI-powered credit scoring model; obtained similar performance in production as Zest AI version 2 resulting in $1M cost savings per year
  • Spearheaded partnership with Zest AI to conceptualize and deploy the 1st AI-powered credit scoring model in the subprime auto lending industry; 13% reduction in default rate; $9M in loss savings per year

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