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    The Saturday Social – Do You Do Content Analytics?

    So how do you increase your reach or engagement? You actually can use the same solution for both problems, content analytics! I show you one example of content that led to higher engagement for 1776 Faux Farmhouse.

    The Saturday Social – Engagement On Reach

    This week we talk about Engagement on Reach and why having an Engagement on reach that is too high or too low can be problematic. This is actually a metric that you want to focus on being average. We also introduce the social media funnel!

    The Saturday Social – A/B Testing Your Profile Page

    Wondering why you got lots of profile views but they don’t convert to followers? In this weeks newsletter we touch on A/B testing and what factors on your profile lead to more follows. Take control of your social media success by running A/B tests that convert more viewers to followers today.

    The Saturday Social – 30 Day Follower Growth Rate

    Are you looking to increase your Instagram followers? Tracking your 30 day growth rate can help you identify areas for improvement and see the impact of your content. Find out how to calculate and use your growth rate to boost your following and take control of your social media success.